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Debbie grew up in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area.  After graduating from the Academy of Art College in SF with a BFA in Fine Art, Debbie relocated to southern CA. 


She now resides in Orange County, CA with her two children, Reed and Brielle.  You will find her kids represented in each design she creates with the two ladybugs she adds to each painting.




When did I become an artist you ask?....


At the age of 6, I won my first local coloring contest.  After winning the next 20 in a row, I thought, “Hmmm, I might be onto something here.”


From that point on, I couldn’t imagine a life without my paintbrush in hand.  I learned very early that my world wouldn’t be complete if I wasn’t creating art, so I’ve always found a way to make my living through artwork.  I’ve done a lot of different things over the 27 years of my career from furniture painting, to logo design, to owning and operating my own mural painting business, to creating custom artwork for various celebrities, to having my work featured on TV, and then sharing my passion with others by opening up an art studio where I taught classes to all ages.  I then closed my studio doors after 6.5 years of teaching to return to what I truly love.  I’ve now re-entered the world of murals and commissioned paintings.  


Because I also missed the joy of helping others so much, I decided to continue my teaching virtually through my YouTube channel. 


With all of my experience over the years, I’ve realized one thing:  Everyone is going to view art in a different way.  I’ve found that trying to please others is not being true to myself.  I have to create pieces that I love.  And when I love what I’m doing, that shows through in my work.


My art is constantly evolving, and that’s exciting to me.  You can keep up with what I’m working on through my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel @DebbieAvouxStudio!

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